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OpenVista is an online investment management firm that provides personalized wealth advisory and investment solutions.

We use digital technology to deliver highly customized portfolios designed to meet each client’s needs and objectives. We focus on global asset allocation and international diversification to improve investment performance and mitigate risks.

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Our goal is to empower clients to make better investment decisions and to help them protect and increase their financial wealth.

OpenVista was established in London in 2017. The firm’s commercial offering is scheduled to launch in Brazil in Q2 2018.

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Technology is enabling change and driving a new era of innovation in financial services.

OpenVista’s cutting-edge value proposition offers investors sophisticated services that were, until very recently, available only to the ultra-wealthy.

Our goal is to democratize the access to high-quality investment and advisory services by delivering customized global solutions to a broader group of consumers, at a reasonable cost.

Our proprietary digital platform allows us to deliver greater transparency, convenience, ease of use and investment discipline than traditional asset managers.

As a digital disruptor, we want to empower investors to make better investment decisions and achieve their financial goals by providing client-centric, transparent, affordable, and effective investment products.

Invest and Protect

We invest with discipline and transparency, favoring consistent results with low turnover and rigorous risk management.

We focus on global asset allocation, make extensive use of ETFs, and do not engage in short-term trading. We believe that currency diversification and country-risk mitigation are essential to achieve long-term investment success.

Our investment methodology is based on a modified version of the Black-Litterman model, enhanced with a qualitative tactical overlay. The methodology leads to effective and highly diversified allocations, less vulnerable to the volatility brought about by stock-picking or human error.


Globally diversified portfolios deliver better long-term returns and are less risky than single-country portfolios. This is the reason why sophisticated investors and high-net worth individuals regularly invest at least 20% to 25% of their financial wealth in international assets.

Open Vista funds are a safe, convenient, and affordable way to invest globally, without the need to open an offshore account or to remit funds abroad. We have the international knowledge, experience, and focus to help you globalize your investments, diversify currency exposure and mitigate country-risk.

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