Raul Biancardi

Raul Biancardi is Open Vista’s Chief Investment Officer. He has 25 years of experience in wealth and asset management, investment research, and private banking, working in the UK, Switzerland, and the Middle East. Before co-founding Open Vista, Raul was Head of International Asset Management and Private Banking at Banco Bradesco, based in London. He successfully created and launched Bradesco’s first globally diversified funds and built the international wealth advisory and investment management operations in Europe. Raul started his career at the beginning of the ‘90s as the founder of Morgan Stanley’s Latin American equities business in Europe. In 1997, he joined Lehman Brothers, where he held several senior positions including Head of Wealth and Asset Management for EMEA, Deputy Head of European Equity Research, and Head of Emerging Markets Equities. In 2008, Raul became the Chief Operating Officer of NCB Capital, the largest investment bank in Saudi Arabia. At NCB, Raul was directly responsible for wealth and asset management and supervised a large team of private bankers. In 2011, Raul moved to Geneva to build the family office of a prominent member of the Saudi Royal Family, where he managed investments in excess of $5 billion. Raul holds a BA from Tulane University and an MBA from Westminster University.

Marcelo Cabral

Marcelo has 30 years of experience in the global financial markets. He started his career as an investment analyst at JP Morgan in Sao Paulo. In 1989, he moved to New York as JP Morgan’s Latin America Equity Strategist. Marcelo spent the next 25 years in New York as a senior executive at global investment banks such as Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse, working with some of the largest and most sophisticated institutional investors in the world. Marcelo then re-joined JP Morgan as a portfolio manager in the Private Wealth Management division, also in New York. Prior to co-founding Open Vista, Marcelo spent 9 years with Banco Bradesco, where he was CEO of Bradesco Europa in London and Luxemburg, CEO of Bradesco Securities in New York, and Director of Bradesco Securities Hong Kong. Marcelo was co-founder and CFO of TeleNova Communications, a technology company that pioneered internet telephony in Latin America, backed by JP Morgan, Intel, GE Capital, and Bank of America. At Open Vista, Marcelo is responsible for Product, Sales, and Marketing, and is a member of the firm’s Investment Committee. He is a Mechanical Engineer from UFRGS and holds an MBA degree from Fundação Getúlio Vargas.

Luiz Osório

Luiz Osorio brings more than 20 years of experience in asset management operations, fund distribution, portfolio management, and fixed-income trading. Prior to joining Open Vista, Luiz spent 12 years as a senior executive responsible for business development and operations at Bradesco Asset Management, Brazil’s second largest asset management firm, with $186 billion in assets under management. Luiz has in-depth experience of all aspects of asset management operations in Brazil, including fund distribution, fund administration, custody, assets and liabilities management, reporting, auditing, governance, and regulatory affairs. Over the course of his career, Luiz developed an extensive network of senior relationships within the asset management industry of Brazil and abroad, especially with institutional investors, asset allocators, distributors, fund managers, family offices, and service providers. Prior to Bradesco, Luiz worked for the asset management division of BBVA Brazil as fixed income portfolio manager and later as head of distribution to institutional investors. He also worked for BBVA in Spain, where he was a trader on the treasury desk of Eurozone government bonds. Luiz is the Open Vista partner responsible for the operations in Brazil and a member of the firm’s Investment Committee. He is an Electrical Engineer from Universidade de Brasilia, and holds an MBA degree from.

Flávio Elizalde

Flavio Elizalde built Open Vista's technology team and led the developement of our digital platform and IT systems. He extensive experience in designing and building scalable web platforms and applications, managing large teams of software developers, and running all aspects of IT operations.nce in the technology industry, he was one of Brazil’s first internet entrepreneurs. In 1995, Elizalde founded IcoNet, one of the country’s first and largest ISPs, which he sold 7 years later to .comDominio, a JP Morgan portfolio company. After the sale, Elizalde remained at .comDominio as Operations Director with full responsibility for IT operations, hosting more than 5,000 servers. Subsequently, he held various executive positions in large technology companies such as iG and SoftCorp, with responsibility for product development, business strategy, and operations. Before joining Open Vista, Elizalde spent 7 years as Head of Digital at Positivo Tecnologia, the largest manufacturer of computers and smartphones in South America, where he developed and ran a m. Elizalde is the partner responsible for Open Vista’s technology strategy, roadmap, software design and development, and IT processes. He holds a PhD in Astrophysics from Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais – INPE.

Edson Romão

Edson Romão is Open Vista's Chief Digital Product Officer. He was the co-founder of hpG, a pioneegin and third largest ISP in Brazil (acquired by iG). Prior to this role, Edson was co-founder of Aprex, one of the first SaaS plaforms in Brazil and Director of Marketing at STI (acquired by PSINet), Edson is Co-Founder and Presidente of Brazil's Internet Association and Brazil's Interactive Dverstising Buereau. He has 23 years of experience in digital technology. Edson has a BSc from Universidade Paulista.

Flavio Rocha

Flavio Rocha brings to Open Vista valuable expertise in retail and consumer financial services in Brazil. His professional experience also includes international financial markets. Flavio started his career in the consumer finance department of the Guararapes Group, the largest apparel company in Brazil, with over 300 department stores, six industrial facilities, and 40,000 employees. Subsequently, Flavio worked at Financeira Midway, the group’s consumer finance subsidiary, with over 34 million account holders, offering credit cards, personal loans, and insurance. At Midway, Flavio acquired relevant experience in online marketing, customer care, and operations. From 2014 to 2017, Flavio worked at Bradesco BBI in London, where he was an analyst at the international corporate banking division. At Bradesco, he also worked in capital markets, fixed-income trading, and institutional equity sales. Flavio is Open Vista’s Marketing Director. He holds a degree in Business and Management from Regent’s University, London.

Henry Oyagawa

Henry Oyagawa has 19 years of experience in risk management for financial institutions. With a strong quantitative background, he brings to Open Vista best practices in risk management and analytics, compliance, and governance. Henry started his career in 1998 as a developer of mathematical models for the risk management consulting firm Prandini, Rabbat & Associates, with a focus on asset allocation, pricing, hedging of financial derivatives, and credit risk analysis. Subsequently, Henry became a risk analyst at Bradesco Asset Management, Brazil’s second largest asset management firm, with $186 billion in assets under management. He then joined Banco Alfa de Investmentos as risk manager, where he controlled the consolidade risk of several business units, including retail banking, asset management, broker-dealer, leasing, consumer financing, and proprietary investments. Prior to joining Open Vista, Henry was a risk specialist at Haitong Securities’ Brazil subsidiary. At Open Vista, Henry is Director of Risk and Compliance and the Head of the Risk Management Committee. In addition, he is member of the Investment Committee, where he supports portfolio construction, performance attribution, risk management, and factor exposure analytics. Henry holds a Bachelor Degree in Applied Mathematics and a Master in Science Degree in Applied Probability, both from the University of Sao Paulo – USP.

John Llewellyn

John Llewellyn is Open Vista's Chief Economist and a member of our Investment Committee. He holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Oxford and is a distinguished international economist specializing in macroeconomics, financial economics, and political economy. John spent 13 years with Lehman Brothers in London, first theas Chief Economist for Europe, then as Global Chief Economist, and finally as Senior Economic Policy Advisor. Prior to Lehman, he was Head of International Forecasting and Policy Analysis at the OECD - Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, in Paris, where he also was Editor of the OECD Economic Outlook, Deputy Director for Social Affairs and Education, and finally Chief of Staff to the OECD Secretary-General. John was an advisor to the Bank of England and HM Treasury, and he is currently a member of the Office for Budget Responsibility, the Council of National Institute of Economic and Social Research, UK Secretary of State’s Panel on Monitoring the Economy, a Fellow of the Society of Business Economists, and Adjunct Professor at Imperial College, London. John’s academic activities include nearly ten years as professor of Economics and Research Officer in the Department of Applied Economics at the University of Cambridge, where he was also a Fellow of St. John’s College. Former activities include International Advisor to the Board of the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, President of the European Commission’s Group of Economic Analysis, member of the Council of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, member of the Investment Committee of St. John’s College (Cambridge University), member of the Commission on Britain and Europe of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, member of the Comité Consultatif, Observatoire Français des Conjonctures Economiques, in Paris, member of the Conseil Scientifique, Fondation Nationale des Sciences Politiques, in Paris, member of the Board of Graduate Studies, University of Cambridge, and lecturer in contemporary international economic policy at the Fondation Nationale des Sciences Politiques, in Paris. John has published widely. He co-founded Llewellyn Consulting, a firm specializing in top-down macroeconomic analysis.

Bruno Prado

Bruno Prado is Open Vista’s Cybersecurity Board Advisor. Bruno is a successful technology entrepreneur with more 15 years of experience. He is the founder and CEO of UPX Technologies, one of the largest digital security and performance companies in Latin America. UPX is a pioneer in streaming and cloud mitigation in Brazil and serves most of the major financial institutions in Brazil. Bruno holds a BSc degree in IT Engineering and an MSc in cybersecurity from SMC University in Zug, Switzerland.

Cristiano Fernandes

Cristiano Fernandez is Open Vista’s UX designer and Board Advisor. Cris has over 20 years of experience in design and digital advertising. He co-founded AG2, Brazil’s pioneering and most important digital marketing agency acquired by French advertising giant Publicis Groupe. At AG2 Cris worked in major UX and design projects for clients such as Bradesco, Toyota, Chevrolet, Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Embraer, Habibs, Sadia and Perdigão, among others. Cris won several design prizes both nationally and internationally. While at AG2, he lead a project for Bradesco in partnership with MIT’s Media Lab in Boston. Cris has created all of Open Vista’s branding elements and remains responsible for the company’s UX and front-end visual design. Cris is currently studying at the Singularity University in Silicon Valley and teaches people-centric strategic design.

Cesar Paz

Cesar Paz is Open Vista’s Digital Marketing Board Advisor. Cesar co-founded AG2, Brazil’s pioneer and most important digital marketing agency acquired by French advertising giant Publicis Groupe. Cesar was President of the Brazilian Association of Digital Agencies for two terms. Currently, he is a venture capital investor in EYXO, Alright, DEx01, Zeeng, Mosh, Delta and Minovelt and holds advisory board positions in companies such as Seekr and Lemonade Tech. Cesar has a BSc degree in Mechanical Engineering and an MA in Strategic Design. He is a professor of Strategic Design at Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos in Brazil.

Rodrigo de Jesus

Rodrigo de Jesus is Open Vista’s Business Development Board Advisor. Rodrigo is an experienced entrepreneur and private equity investor. He has launched multiple successful start-ups in Healthcare and Fintech, including Brazil’s first online insurance aggregator, Seguradora Sossego. Rodrigo has extensive transactional experience including mergers and acquisitions, capital raising, growth capital, JVs, distribution arrangements and exit strategies. Rodrigo holds a BSc degree in Mechatronics Engineering and studied at Harvard Business School in Boston. Rodrigo is currently Board Member and Manager of a Single Family Office in London.